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For a start, good job! This OC is actually quite cool, but don't read on if you can't take a few...Rules, as such. Without getting Mary...

Remember Me as I Was by jess-michele

First of all, I absolutely love this piece! As for vision, I find the simplicity just beautiful- with no distracting background of othe...

Current eye style by Danathekitsune

I don't know what animal/human or thing you are using this for, (it looks a little like 'My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic' style), b...

Old Man by yavuzozer

Vision, technique~ For this, I think that the greyscale tones you used are very effective, and add to the overall impact of the photo, ...

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I'd like to buy some adoptables or a commission from someone :3
I just want a few points

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Amber Lee Grey
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United Kingdom
Romania Journal Doll by Roro-Romania

Obtest, the beautiful child of Object and Protest.

'what's that abomination stuck to the top of your neck, and how do I make it illegal? '

I'm bishrekxual
SHREK is love...
SHREK is life...

Sleep? Don't be ridiculous; I have Rammstein, I can sleep when I'm dead!

GerIta OTP Stamp by World-Wide-Shipping The Axis OT3 Stamp by World-Wide-Shipping
You Shouldn't be Dating by Haters-Gonna-Hate-Me Request - German Stereotypes by Haters-Gonna-Hate-Me Italy Stereotype by Haters-Gonna-Hate-Me
Kinder egg stamp by KingdomKira Opinion Stamp by DevilKue Freak: Stamp by JazzaX A stamp Underwater by vasselli Boot Stamp by RPDOfficer I love being naked by OnyxNocturne Stamp: Nudity by 8manderz8 Then DO Something by RingtailFox Hetalia animation stamp by Naru-Nisa Stamp: give FCs a chance by Jeshika-Haruno Go away reading stamp by thebluemaiden Shut Up, Government and Gaybashers by RingtailFox
Hetalia Fan by dragon-sigma Hetalia Stamp by CrowMaiden Cereal Stamp by Kezzi-Rose
For all calm Spamano fans by Tea-Strawberry For all calm RoChu fans by Tea-Strawberry Vegan Stamp by SaturnFinger I love animals: meat version by paramoreSUCKS yummy by Dametora just so you know by Dametora Victimizing Victims by Dametora Stamp- Depression by Dametora Pull Your Goddamn Pants Up by alaska-is-a-husky screw the wolf by sJ-eP Animal Rights by alaska-is-a-husky Misunderstood by ClockworkStamps Sparkledogs Stamp 2 by linawifeofL Sparklefags by linawifeofL Unicorn Stamp by linawifeofL I'm Awkward by So-Dae Toys Stamp by KingdomKira BREAD stamp by PurpleTartan WHAT THE HELL. by LainaofthesandLOL I Love Meatballs by So-Dae {Limited Edition} by xXtoxic-infectionXx {Investigating} by xXtoxic-infectionXx {Fuckin Awesome} by xXtoxic-infectionXx I wear converse! stamp by iFreak0ut
Eat my dust by OnyxNocturne No coffee, DUBSTEP by CCpotteranimator Electronic Stamp of luuuuvv by TehZee I love techno stamp by ewotion String Lights by skinnyveestamp - N - E - O - N - by skinnyveestamp
Beliefs by Haters-Gonna-Hate-Me Japan Stereotype by Haters-Gonna-Hate-Me Sorry, Weeaboos by Chynbek
Encouraging Free-Thinking by Rebi-Valeska Animu stamp by Daakukitsune Encouraging Free-Thinking by Rebi-Valeska
I'd hit that stamp by Daakukitsune Bad example stamp by Daakukitsune People will die by Daakukitsune
Stamp: Potatoes by MixedSin SUPPORT POTATOES by ROBlNHOOD


| Perfectly Fine | FINE | Getting Better| Getting Worse | Depression | Wavering | Uncontrollable Bouts Of Rage | Manic | Split Personality | Losing It | LOST IT | Insane | Psychotic | Schizophrenia | Seeing Things | Intense Paranoia | MODERATE PARANOIA | Delusional | Giggling Habits | LOST TOUCH WITH REALITY | Amnesia | Re-living Traumatic Event | Self- Doubt | Memory Loss


| Perfectly Healthy | Healthy | OKAY | So-So | Sick | Hurt | Injured | Recovering | Poisoned | Critically Wounded | Mortally Wounded | Hospitalized | Dead | Ghost | God Tier


| ISOLATED | Sleepy | Exhausted | Regretful | Murderous | Uncomfortable | AWKWARD | Love struck | Crushing | OKAY | Happy | Calm | Bold | Homicidal | DISTANT | Neutral | Excited | Mixed Feelings | SILENT | Deified | DISTRUST | Dread | Fear | Anger | Hostility | Jealousy | LONELY| SHY | Suffering | Jumpy | Anxious | Frightened | PARANOID | Deathly Afraid |

My bby:

She DA' bae.
She's so amazing <3333333
I love her.
Daisypath Friendship tickers

My bestest vegetable porn bbu :U /// :iconsilverdesire:

My best abroad friend in Murica'/cat shipping roleplayer/Best Roleplaying friend /// :iconrandomnesssteve:


Name: Amber
Age: I'm a teenager
Favourite artist; Van Gogh
Favourite genre of music: hard/alternitive Rock, heavy metal, Christian rock, (Three Days Grace, Rammstein, Skillet, Black Veil Brides, Evanescence, Bring Me The Horizon, The Pretty Reckless) ect, ect.
Favourite style of art: Manga. Both digital and traditional. I like all styles of art; art is what you make of it.
Operating System: Ipad 2, most of the time. My laptop.
Favourite cartoon character: Speedy Mouse, Coraline. (does Hetalia count as cartoons?) YES. OK. THE PLANET.
Disney characters, all of them.
Personal Quote: You can only move as fast as who's in front of you.
We stopped checking under the bed for monsters, when we realised they were inside us.

Favourite movie: lady and the tramp, anything Disney. The fox and the hound. My all time fave movie is Legend Of The Guardians: The Owls Of Ga'Hoole. Love Coraline. Frozen.
Fave book: Ingo, and titles by David Almond, Especially my name is mina. I love black rabbit summer, and the Book Theif.
Warrior cats.
The Hunger Games
My fave artists: < PewPewPewPie <Darkangel9991
My BFF c:

My favourite artist/designer that I can't find on this site is:
Tim Burton.

More useless information about me that you will probably never read;

My name is Amber, call me Amber, Ireland, or Ams (by friends) I'm called bby by :icondarkangel9991: and her only.
I'm called Ireland because of my Hetalia OC. She's Ireland, or more specifically, Dublin.

I liked and was good at history BEFORE I found Hetalia.
I was an enthusiast at Geography, too, and one of the languages I'm taught on a weekly basis.

I speak very bad Spanish, fluent German, and crack British. This means that whatever we're talking about, (unless you're serious) I will often say things that no clinically sane person should ever say.
I also apologise if I include various random German words in my conversations with you. I also apologise for using Bahnhof (that means train station) as a curse word.

Don't even ask.

I love the song iNsAnItY by vocaloid, and various others. I'm a fangirl for a small amount of things, but I'm not stupid or rabid.

My favourite food was pasta before I discovered Hetalia.

I owe my happiness to my best friend, Catherine.

Catherine introspduced (I'm going to leave that typo word there, because it's funny) me to Hetalia, too.

Countries and cities I have visited:

Cyprus (that was best)
Another place in Spain...La manga? I can't remember, I was 4.
Ibiza (AWESOME.)
Benidorm (HOW SPELLZ?!)

Where I want to go:

The Carrabian
Bora bora (before it sinks)
Rio (with my grandma, she always wanted to go there)
Russia, maybe Belarus or wherever.


Colured Chibi
Chibi Elsa from Frozen by amber1700
A chibi or SD character, which is coloured with coloured pencils, markers, or both. It can be anthro, anime, sonic, MLP or other animals. I also do official characters
Coloured traditional art
Sonic style snake adoptable by amber1700
Anime Katy Perry by amber1700
Tigerstar by amber1700

Lineart which is coloured with either sharpies markers, or coloured pencils, and shaded.

I do anime, anthro, sonic characters, and semi-realistic chibis.

I also do MLP and MOST animals (wolves, horses, centaurs, cats)

I also do dragons

Traditional art, greyscale shaded

A piece of lineart which is not coloured, and is shaded with pencils.

Can be anthro, anime, chibi or MLP. I also do sonic characters.

Sketches and lineart

A clean lineart, or a sketch in pixal brushes or ink brushes.


Up to 3 characters


I draw the same that is stated in my full colour commission, anthro, sonic and anime.

Digital Art
Risingrevolution for WCRPG by amber1700
Untitled by
Untitled by
Welcome to the freak show, we got horns and halos by amber1700
A gift for you. by amber1700
Rising Revolution~ by amber1700

Plus 10 points for any extra character.


Coloured, and anything you like, sonic, anthro, neko, humans and a base you want. It can be chibi or anime, I can't very well do realistic.

Fanfic or story (Any amount of chapters)
A story, with a minimum of 10 paragraphs. I accept trilogies and series for one payment per 5 chapters (Each with a minimum of 3 paragraphs)
I am capable of advanced punctuation and description, as you will probably find in my fanfics. I can do yaoi, yuri, and any genre (Hetalia, warrior cats, naruto, sonic, your OC's, ect) 
I don't do intense omorashi, or sexual scenes.
Character Bios and profiles
For character bios, for RP or adoptables.

Includes at least 3 paragraphs:
Up to five paragraphs of history and appearance and gender, a minimum of 2 paragraphs.
Colour scheme:
Where he/she was adopted from:
Mother, farther, siblings:
Other information:

Slenderman (Kitty wanted to go as this bastard for Halloween) XD
(X) You are thin and or tall
(X) You like/wear suits (I like them, never worn one, though)
(X) You constantly feel that you're surrounded by idiots (at school)
() You're pale
(X) You enjoy the forest (motherfucking trees)
(X) You follow people (this is the plan for me and Kitty in Germany; we'll get lost in the Black Forest, then follow everyone around, and if they ask, we'll say, "OH WE'RE GOING WHERE YOU'RE GOING HEEHEHHE")
(X) You enjoy having authority (RESPECHT MA AUTHARITAY)
(X) You like to mess with people. As in, picking up and throwing people (if you can't, then you would if you could) he THROWS people? That rude motherfucker. I thought he just...Wrapped his arms around your neck and shit
(X) You have one or more people who you're the boss of
(X) You enjoy being alone
Total:  9!

Jeff the Killer
() You prefer a knife for a weapon (no. Rail gun, you freaks. Fucking WAR MACHINE. It's so fucking powerful that they blow themselves up)
() Rabid fans scare the hell out of you (what fans? I don't have fans XD)
(X) You're vain (quite)
() You're insane (check here:…. for what I think about faking insanity)
(X) You enjoy fighting (with WORDS, unless the bitch wants my feetz C:))
() You're arrogant
() You enjoy looking at yourself in the mirror (I scare myself XD)
() You often find you can't catch a break (my whole life is a break)
(X) You enjoy being up/out at night (Yup, fave time of the day because the motherfucking neighbours shut the heck up)
() You get paranoid about things (a lot, sometimes. Shower paranoia; shut your eyes for the shampoo, something turns up in the bathroom with you and you have to fight it naked)
Total: 3

Eyeless Jack
(X) You favor certain types of meat products (liver, leg, ribs, etc)
() You're good with a scalpel
(X) You're good at sneaking around (me and Catherine in that VINE XD)
(X) You often wear dark clothing (all the time, really)
(X) Blood doesn't bother you
() Organs fascinate you
(X) You have a lot of self control
() You have good hand eye coordination (hell naw)
(X) You're good at hiding
(X) You're quiet (until someone makes me laugh *COUGH* KITTY BBY
Total: 7

BEN Drowned
(X) You're good at computers
() You've hacked something before
(X) You enjoy video games
() You're a bit of a pervert
() You don't like water
(X) You're on the internet a lot (dude I may as well LIVE in there)
(X) You enjoy messing with people
(X) You don't like doing what people tell you
(X) You snack a lot
Total:  7

Smile Dog (I love this motherfucker.
(X) You enjoy having your photo taken (I freaking hate it, unless I'm spazzed up. Or with my best friends, or it's at school and I've put makeup on. But I don't like pointless people been like, "PICCY")
(X) You enjoy going outside (yeah, if it's raining, sunny, or snowing or icy)
(X) You often give people information and tell them to pass it on (YOU WILL BRING ME THEM MOTHERFUCKKIN' WAFFLES BITCH)
(X) You enjoy treats every now and then (I live off them. Chocolate and sweets and underwear- wait...heh...)
(X) You enjoy photo manipulation (SEE, MOTHERFUCKER? That's what it fucking is. Photoshop is that bastards BFF. You don't splatter blood on your camera, those bitches are expensive. I'm swearing a lot today LEL...My uncle's spaniel Reg can smile like him, it's funny. I'm like, "Hi Reg!" And he's like, "8D HERRRRRRR"
(X) You have a nice smile (depends if I like you. I'll smile nice if I like you, if I don't, I'll pull an insane and droll and slobber and go, "MEYHUURRRR" and wave my arms around. I also like wearing my dog hat and copying that motherfucking dog when my friends come over, and I wake them up at night and put a red screen on my phone and laugh, and they SHIT. Not Kitty, though, she' my bby)
(X) You like dogs (I own one and he's my baby brother. I love dogs)
(X) You like attention (yah)
(X) You enjoy naps (if I actually can, or if I'm not riding my unicorn with Catherine)
(X) You like your teeth (they're motherfucking perfect...All white and straight and of correct size with satisfyingly sharp K-9's...)

The Rake
() You have long/sharp nails
(X) You get irritated easily
(X) You have beautiful eyes
() You enjoy small spaces or rooms (Claustrophobic)
(X) You're sick of a joke(s) being made about you
(X) You run fast (not for long XD )
() You can't take a joke
(X) You snap easily
(X) When you get angry it's hard to control yourself
(X) You don't like being accused of things
Total: 7

B.O.B (who IS this guy?)
(X) You're good at picking things up with your feet
(X) You can do things with your feet that you can with your hands (doing German homework with yer toes is funny)
(X) You're generally good with your feet. ( I'm presuming the motherfucker has big feet? These guys get worse...)
() You enjoy simple things
(X) You like hugs
(X) You enjoy walks
(X) You have a strong kick
(X) You enjoy talking
(X) You have many amusing stories, all of which may not be true
(X) If you were a pony you'd be an alicorn princess and give free waffles to the needy. Because you can.
Total:  9

Splendorman (really..? REALLY? Oh my fucking god REALLY?!)
() You like making friends
(X) You enjoy hugs
(X) You enjoy going to/throwing parties
(X) You like sweets
(X) Sometimes your personality can get a little out of hand
(X) Sometimes you don't know your own strength.
() You like colo(U)rs, especially rainbows
(X) You enjoy games (Roleplaying games)
(X) You like to have fun
(X) You get scary when you're angry
Total:  8

Trenderman (it gets fucking worse. My dad HAD to be in this meme, obviously. I was waiting for the useless bastard to rear his ugly asshat of a head)
(X) You look fabulous
(X) You feel fabulous
(X) You are, in fact, fabulous (LIKE TOTALLY POLAND)
(X) You have an attitude
(X) You enjoy compliments (I don't get many XD)
(X) You plan what to wear
(X) You have many accessories (metal ones...Necklaces, piercings, forks...)
(X) You take fashion seriously (ALTERNATIVE clothing fashion)
(X) When people insult you, you snap
(X) You're sarcastic (Very)
Total:  11

Kagekao (who?)
(X) You have a favorite drink that you are often seen with
(X) You love trolling people
(X) You're good at parkour
(X) You're good at sneaking around
(X) You know a language other than English
(X) You're sexy and you know it
(X) You're overprotective
(X) You enjoy tricks and pranks
(X) You often wear black or white
(X) You enjoy being mysterious
Total:  10

Zehnder (for fucks sake with these rip offs)
() You smoke
(X) You get angry easily
(X) Little things irritate you
(X) You have a soft side
(X) You're in denial of said soft side
(X) You're violent
(X) You can change your voice easily
(X) You enjoy the shadows
(X) You're harsh
(X) You can deceive people easily
Total:  9

Zippers (?)
(X) You're good at crafts
() People have described you as cute
(X) You like cats
() You don't really know the boundaries of personal space
() You're oblivious to many things
() your mindset is innocent
(X) You love your friends, even if they don't love you back
() You're happy most of the time
() You don't swear (PFFFFT BITCH, PLEASE)
Total: 3

You are: I'm the half-animal love-child of Slender, Smile dog, B.O.B, Kagekao (COOL name) and my dad, Trenderman. Maybe a slice of Splendorman on the side.

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